We, Reetu Camps & Tours is an organization which conducts programs such as treks, tours, adventure sports, hot air ballooning, Para sail, wild life and nature camps all over India. Established formally nine years ago, we work for the upliftment of ability and capacity of the youth of the Country. The main aim of the organization is the development of personality to inculcate in youths various talents, skills, sports and adventure to enhance their capacity and personality.

To be Your Reliable Online School Tour Operator

Reetu Camps & Tours offers students and teachers with all they need including travel services, student tour packages and more, with the professional team working 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can completely rely on us to be your best school tour operator.

To Delight our Customers with Authentic Student Tour

We have been gone through 15 years working in the school tours and our mission remains the same as we were when the company was established in 2005: to provide high-quality vacation and the most affordable price while offering each customer with personalized service.

We Are with You Every Step of The Journey!

We will pay careful attention to every detail of your itinerary before you book to ensure you get the most appropriate tour itinerary. Whenever you go, we look after the smallest of details to ensure you end up your school tour with the authentic experience that you will remember forever. All for free for your laid-back travel. Whenever you need, we are here for you.

Why Choose Reetu Camps & Tours

Reetu Camps & Tours understands that taking educational trips and student tours are incredible chances to give student life changes and need careful preparation. Unlike usual vacation packages, student study tours have to be carried out seamlessly to make sure that students benefit from these trips. With over a decade working in the tourism industry, Reetu Camps & Tours is one of the leading school travel companies specializing in tailor-made educational tours for students. We always challenge ourselves to bring to students safe, valuable and unforgettable educational tours with the best study tour price.